Friday, July 1, 2011

Homemade Cloth Diapers

We are very lucky to have talented family and friends - and to have received a number of handmade flannel fitted diapers (with velcro to close) made and used by one of my lovely aunts. I also received a number of flannel pieces all cut out and prepped to become fitted diapers - which my mother-in-law kindly sewed together for me.

I love the flannel - but since the fabric is such a tight weave, it needs to be secured with pins rather than a Snappi (which I find intimidating).

I just found a great YouTube tutorial for making incredibly inexpensive prefolds from one of my favorite websites:

This is super simple - for any level of sewing experience - and, the best thing: the final product can be used with a Snappi (no pins required!).

And -- here is a simple video showing how to put a pre-fold on your baby. I have prepped ours for our anxiously awaited little one a bit differently - simply by tucking the right side into the little pocket created by folding the bottom up, and the left side in (this keeps them together nicely so that they are completely ready to use):

You would put a diaper cover over this.

Of course, there are many ways to fold a prefold diaper -- once we have a favorite, I'll post again - but check out YouTube for video tutorials on the many ways of folding these simple, inexpensive diapers!

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