Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How my Boba helped me make new friends!

On Saturday, I was out with my daughter -- we met up with a couple of friends at Panera before going wedding dress shopping with one of my close friends. Among the dress-finding crew was another mom with her toddler - a woman I adore and greatly respect, but someone who chuckles over how little we have in common when it comes to parenting choices. I have lots of great friends who are also parents, but often feel like my parenting community (i.e. the place where I find like-minded mamas) is online rather than in real-life...

Enter the Boba...

We got up to leave, and I put on my Boba 3G (Tweet). Two moms at the next table looked over and commented on how beautiful it was! "Oh, thank you! I love my Boba..." (begin conversation about the virtues of the Boba 3G and babywearing in general). I walked over to chat with the moms. "Is that the 3G? I just love that print! I have the 2G..." Wow! Babywearing mamas!! In real life!!

These mamas were great -- we chatted about our love of babywearing, and I mentioned that I didn't know many other mamas in the area (Chicagoland). One mama invited me to her breastfeeding support group (to connect with other moms - she said they conversation and support isn't limited to breastfeeding, but that she'd been able to consult other moms about cloth diapering and other topics as well). Whoa! Cloth diapering mamas, in the flesh?!?! I thought they only existed online!!

Then, if I weren't already excited enough, the other mama told me that a friend of hers was hosting a baby wearing party the following Saturday (along with a local natural parenting shop) - they would have several carriers and wraps available to check out, and moms and staff on hand to help answer any babywearing questions! Would I be interested in coming? Heck yes!!

So - I gave her my number and left the restaurant feeling like I'd just been asked out on a date by my long-time crush. The other mom I was with laughed as we left, saying, "See Mandy, there are some more crunchy mamas for you to hang out with!" Ha!

And that's how my Boba helped me to make new friends! Thanks Boba!! Just another entry on my long list of reasons why I love my Boba.

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