Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pumpin' Ain't Easy

I was lucky enough to stay home with Sprout until she was six months old! Two days later...I went back to work full time. I dealt with oversupply at the beginning of my breastfeeding experience, so I was leery of pumping much when I was with my little one. Well, I regret not having built up more of a stock pil of, back to work, I pump 3-4 times a day and am always worried about having enough milk to send to the sitter's the next day. I've tried several pumps (Ameda Very Truly Yours, Medela Symphony (manual), and Medela Pump in Style Advanced). I've read LOTS of good things about Hygeia -- eco-friendly pumps.

The Baby Guy just did a review of Hygeia breast pumps...and has me wanting one more that ever.

Check out the Hygeia giveaway from HERE (while you're there, marvel at the amazing West Side Story-inspired music video all about the virtues of the Hygeid pump!) :)

More on my pumping experiences soon...any maybe even a musical tribute... :)

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